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Dr Ajay Joneja
(PhD, Purdue, 1993)
Professor & Director AMI

Office: Room 5537, Dept of IELM, HKUST
Office Phone: +852.2358.7119

Home: Tower 9, #4B, SSQ, HKUST, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Home Phone: +852.2358.4692

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I obtained my BTech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, Kanpur in 1987, and my MS (1989) and PhD (1993) from the School of IE, Purdue University , working with T.C. Chang. I joined the Dept of IELM at HKUST in October 1993. I am current a professor in the Dept of IELM. I have been the undergraduate coordinator for IELM since 2013. I am also the Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI) in HKUST.

My research interests revolve around various aspects of CAD/CAM, including machining of moulds and dies, flexible tooling, rapid prototyping, and shape optimization for manufacturing. Typically, these problems use tools like shape modeling, computational geometry, and optimization.

Selected Research Projects

Geometric algorithms for automated machining planning of complex pockets

Precision Manufacturing using mechanical datums

Real time control of multi-platform rapid prototyping systems

Shape modeling for footwear design

DFM in architecture

Prospective RA's, MPhil, PhD, PostDocs

I am looking to add RA's/Mphil or PhD student and a Post Doctoral fellow to my group. Resaerch topics will be related to either human modeling, architectural geometry or Layered manufacturing. Prospective candidates should have suffcient interest and background in computational and differential geometry, optimization, and CAD. It's also useful to be good at programming (C++).


Here is a list of my papers. Please email me for soft copies.

Teaching and Courses

Note: these course materials are from courses I taught before 2010. Since then, I have maintained course materials via the teaching and learning portal of HKUST, so those materials are not available freely from this page.
IELM 101 Industrial Engineering and Modern Logistics

IELM 110 Computing in Industrial Applications

IELM 215 Manufacturing Processes

IELM 230 Industrial Data Systems

IELM 231 IT for Logistics and Manufacturing

IELM 317 Product Design and Development

IELM 511 Information Systems Design

IELM 513 Manufacturing Systems Design

IELM 575 Computer-Aided Manufacturing

IELM 515 Product Design and Management

IELM 600J CAM Applications

IELM 680 IELM Department Seminar Series